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I have recently created a new company and am now working as a freelance engineer...
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This website is owned, compiled and edited by Mark Adams.  I am married with two daughters.



I am an Engineering Surveyor.  I have over 25 years experience in Land & Engineering Surveys, since graduating North East London Polytechnic with an Honours Degree in Surveying in 1988.

My CV includes: Land Surveys throughout the UK, Precision and Dimensional Surveys in Nuclear, Coal and Hydro-Electric Power Stations, Hydrographic and Volumetric Surveys, Pipe-spool Fabrication Surveys, Internal and External Building Surveys; Multi-storey Steel Alignment Surveys, Draughting in AutoCAD and MicroStation as well as programming in Excel, Casio, Psion OPL, AutoCAD and Microsoft Visual Basic.


Originally from Bristol, England, UK, I now live in Thetford, Norfolk, UK.  In December 2013, I created a company called Breckland Geomatics Limited and currently work as a Freelance Engineering Surveyor, mainly in London.

I have worked throughout the UK as well as Norway (Refinery), Denmark (Pipe Fabrication), India (Power Station) and Australia (Cadastral).


To provide a service to fellow Engineering Surveyors...

It is usually the Site Engineer who is left to obtain the correct setting-out information, arrange for the materials to be constructed in the proper manner and to check that the finished scheme is within tolerance.  Therefore, it is the intention of this website to provide a place to share resources to make this task easier and more reliable.


This is a non-profit making website, connected to the internet through Internet Service Provider TalkTalk, uploading using freeware FTP Software and hosted by a low-cost, ad-free website server iPower.com.

The site is updated in my spare time, whilst also managing a full-time career.  Please be patient if your query is not responded to immediately.  I may be a bit busy...!

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